Sunday, May 3, 2009

Daisy of Love Contestant Caught Kissing Jeffrey Star

Yesterday my dear friend
En-Vee brought this little bit of info to my attention, and I would not be doing my job as The Bearer of Bad News if I didn't pass it on to you. Apparently flame haired techno singer Jeffree Star posted this video of him making out with Daisy of Love contestant Flipper (or as I suppose he was formerly called, "Crazy Mike".) Before they begin tongue wrestling on stage during a performance, Flipper tells the crowd "I'm not gay but fuck it!" Which, if you ask me is logic I can stand behind. And although afterwards he gives a slight grimace, during the kiss he seems to be quite enjoying himself. So what do you think? Straight, bi or is he just fooling himself?
Also I cannot leave without mentioning the dingbat brunette about 50 seconds in who says "I had no idea it [the kiss] was improved. I'm impressed." Impressed? By what? Is this the 3rd grade? They didn't solve a master equation for quantum physics. They made out. And if that's what you're impressed by then honey, I feel sorry for you.


Emily said...

Hell, I'd make out with Jeffree Star. I love that fucker.

Mrs. M. said...

i wouldnt make out with him because he has far better hair than I do and i am jealous.

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