Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dear God Tell Me a Cheetah Did Not Die for This Monstrosity

Would someone please be a doll and tell me what in the living loving hell is up with this outfit? For God's sake someone should really shove a five dolla footlong in Shenae Grimes' mouth because obviously her bullemia of the brain has traveled to whatever part of the mind is responsible for color pallettes and common sense. Bitch looks like an extra in an old En Vogue video. Pirate blouses and nearly nude hose are SO 1992. Besides, I never understood what the point in sheer sleeves was. Why even bother having the sleeves? Obviously you are not cold. Otherwise you'd be wearing a heavier fabric. I mean, wearing something fug for the sake of warmth and comfort is one thing. Wearing something that is neither practical OR cute? Well that's just insulting to people with eyes.
Oh and could someone please drop Annalynne McCord's career off at Tara Reidville? It's headed there anyway


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