Saturday, May 30, 2009


Yeah, that's exactly what I thought upon seeing that Jesus Luz has his own name tattooed on his back. Who in the fuckidy shitting hell tattoos their own name on their back? I mean on the front I can maybe understand. At least then if you get alzheimer's you at least have a constant reminder of who the hell you are. (Or you can just get one of those "Hello My Name Is..." stickers, but w/e) But on the back? What's the point of that? So that when some random ass stranger is hitting it from behind they don't have to suffer the embarrassment of forgetting whose name they should be passionately calling out? A tattoo of his entire name. What a loser.
And can we please talk about the Richard Grieco vibes Jesus is giving me? Talk about manscaping. I know everyone is going completely goo-goo-ga-ga for this bitch because he's currently going where every man has gone before (Madge's snatch) but I am not buying the hype. In my opinion he's just a glorified pretty boy that will eventually land on 2012's equavilent of The Surreal Life. Trust me.
Anyway, here's Madonna's plaything looking like every other gay at Buzz I've laid my hag eyes in L'Official Hommes.


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