Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fashion from the Triumph Inspiration Award

Well, well! Color me impressed! The lingerie presented during the Triumph Inspiration Award in Milan yesterday was out of this world. The intricate detail displayed on each piece not only shows how much thought went into the process, but how the designers really thought about the story behind their clothes. Every woman is an island, unique in the way she lives, loves and plays. These varying designs really play up to the fact that not every woman is sexy in the same way. Some of us are sinners, some of us are saints, and apparently some of us are Marie Antoinette. But no matter the type of woman I think we can all appreciate the thought that went into these eclectic designs. Besides, it's always great to see new designers have their visions come to life on the runway.



Anonymous said...

I'm the designer of woman squeezer, the one with the "cyborg" mask, do u like it?


Mrs. M. said...

of course i love it! I think all the looks are really fantastic. Very impressive!

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