Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fierce or No Fierce: Megan Fox in June's Elle Magazine

Megan Fox is a smart, beautiful and sexy girl. Her body, her hair, her tats-it's all good. But the minute she picks up that eyeliner and powder shit all goes to hell. I suppose I can't blame her for this particularly unfortunate editorial in June's Elle, but someone should clearly be held responsible. She looks cheap! Everything about the way these shots are styled spells tacky. What these magazines need to do is go back to basics. Stick this chick in a black tee and jeans or just a men's shirt, slap on a hint of blush and voila! Perfection. I mean, if you have someone who is that naturally gorg why ruin it with a bunch of effing clown makeup and modeling 101 poses? When it comes to La Fox, less is definitely more. However, despite all the odds being against her, it's still Megan Fox we're talking about. Which is why I want to know, in spite of the obvious tackery, are these pics Fierce or No Fierce?


Emily said...

Her features are wayyyyy too prominent to be wearing all the makeup. It's really not necessary, ya know? It just makes her look scary. So I'm going to say this is fierce, but not the good fierce.

Suburbia Steph said...

Fiercly clownly?

I still can't believe she was hookin' up with David Silver! Blech! They aren't together anymore, are they?

Mrs. M. said...

I agree-with all this makeup she looks like a full colorblind tranny on a budget.
Still far too good for David Silver though.

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