Friday, May 15, 2009

The Fug and the Restless

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Another day, another Gosselin scandal. Today Star magazine reports that the Gosselins are 100% kaput, and have only stayed together this long because Kate does not want her mealticket to come to a close. Kate's brother Kevin tells the rag that “six months ago, Kate came to Jon behind the scenes and said, ‘It’s over!’
"Aunt" Jodi paints a similar portrait of the couple saying "Jon had actually wanted off the series for a while, and this may have been the perfect opportunity for him to call it quits - but she wasn’t about to let him out with so much money at stake. So to keep up the sham that they were still together, she offered Jon a contract stating that they could live separate lives and he could even have girlfriends, as long as he agreed to come together for filming. Kate wants to keep the show going for as long as she can, and continue to generate opportunities for herself to write more books and become the spokesperson for different companies.”
The mag is also claiming that the moment Kate got wind of TLC's plan to pay her family for their appearance on the show, she blew a majah gasket. Star reports, "Although the Gosselins reportedly earn upwards of $75,000 a show - season four had a whopping 41 episodes alone - that’s apparently not enough for Kate. To rake in even more cash, the mother of eight spends months away from home promoting her two books… and loading up on speaking engagements, for which she commands $3,000 an hour. She also charges fans $20 for autographs and $150 per person for special meet-and-greet tea parties. Kate’s lust for top dollar was also the factor that led Kevin and fan favorite Aunt Jodi’s sudden disappearance from the series after season three, they say.
When Kate found out that TLC had offered Jodie and Kevin compensation for their appearances on the show, she freaked out, her brother tells Star. “She screamed. ‘No one else is getting paid but us! We’re done!’ Her reason for pushing me and Jodi away was because the more people you split it up between, the less there is!"

All I have to say is Jon is a moron. He's going to leave his wife and eight children for a 20-something chick who is only interrested in him because he's on television? What a tard. And he's not even hot! What kind of 20 year old chick is really going to stick around for a mediocre looking motherfucker that has 8 small children and a wife? None, that's who. If you ask me his ass should have thought about his future instead of thinking with his dick. Kate may be a bitch on wheels but honestly, she did pop out six of his babays on the same day. If these two split he will be regretting it-mark my word.
And as with all the Gosselin stories, the unruly osterich makes a special guest appearance!


Anonymous said...

I have to poop.

Sienna - 27, MN said...

Kate has always come across as a bitch and is, seemingly, unapologetic for it. It's funny now how she feels entitled to sympathy (or empathy) from the same people she effectively alienated. The thirst for media that she thrives on is the same one she's choking on now. It doesn't matter how many babies she gave birth to. Children and cash payouts should never be the reasons for forcing two unhappy individuals to co-exist. Yes, children of divorce do suffer a bit at times, but they tend to "suffer" with happier parents. And if hubby wants to shack up with some 20-year-old, let him! If the relationship with OctoBitch is over, let him do his thing. It doesn't mean he won't be there for his children. Further, so what if his alleged girlfriend is a gold-digger. I would hope that Jon is aware of that possibility and is just enjoying his 15 minutes of fame, if nothing else.

Suburbia Steph said...

I wish these fucktards would just fall off the face of the planet already. They're so insignificant & I'm sick of hearing about them, as if they're relevant.

I love the ostrich!

I ain't sayin' she a gold digga....maybe she just likes to wang chung.

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