Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gaspard Ulliel in Dazed & Confused

If you don't know who Gaspard Ulliel is, it's about time to get on board. This baby faced Parisian actor has not only stared in some of France's best movies ever ("Un Long Dimanche de Fian├žailles" and "Paris, Je t'aime" among others), but he's also the face of Longchamp, holding his own beside veteran supermodel Kate Moss, thank you very much. Ulliel brings his innocent charm and grace to the latest issue Dazed & Confused, smoking up a storm in true French fashion. So what's up next for the 24 year old? Well he currently has two films, "The Vintner's Luck" and "Le Premier Cercle" in post production with both slated to be released this year. This cat is clearly one to watch. Mark my words.


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