Monday, May 11, 2009

Heidi Klum is All Over June's German Vogue

So how do you know you've reached the big time? Well, Vogue dedicating an entire issue to you is probably a good indicator. German Vogue has devoted an entire issue to one of their most popular exports since sauerkraut, Heidi Klum. And hey, can you blame them? Not only is Mrs. Seal one of the most charasmatic models eva, she's a mogul, a mom, and one half of the cutest sleb couples. She's one of those rare women that, despite all their beauty, wealth and fame, you can't help but root for. She's down to Earth, adorable, and actually takes time out of her life for her kids-something that's virtually unheard of in Hollywierd.
Speaking of virtually unheard of, happily married Heidi and Seal recently renewed their wedding vows in celebration of their fourth year of wedded bliss. The duo had a redneck themed bash complete with toilet paper decorations, jean jackets and the mother of all redneck staples: the sweet mullet. I tell you, I heart those two sfm.


The Dark Bohemiian said...

shes so pretty , so lovely
her family looks so balanced , so quiet and far from anythg concerning showbiz ..

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