Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hello, My Name is Monica Bellucci and I Am Perfect

This woman. This woman right here. She is magnifique. Just look at that flawless complexion, those dazzling diamonds and her regal demeanor. Why if I did not know better I'd say that heaven must be missing an angel. Missing an angel child cause she's here at the premiere of Don't Look Back in Cannes right now. You know, our US starlets could really learn a thing or two from the fabulous Mrs. Bellucci. Or most Italian women for that matter. They are like a fine wine that only gets better with age. It seems like such a foreign concept in this country, but those women have a self confidence and sexiness that comes within. They are self assured and don't eff with their faces in the neverending battle for "perfection". MB is not trying to look like a 12 year old-she's trying to look like the glamorous, gorgeous 44 year old that she is. In fact, I'm pretty sure if you look the term "woman" up in the dictionary, MB's picture is used as a reference. And I'm not talking "woman" in the "i have a vagina" sense of the word. I mean it in the romantic sense. The way that poets have been trying to describe the lure of the female for centuries. The soft skin, the curvy shape, the ruby red lips-this woman is a goddess. If only every woman knew the value of their worth, much as MB does, the world would be much more beautiful place.


sandra said...

She is beautiful. sleek and sexy, looks like she's not trying to be, but she always is. natural charm

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