Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Hufington Post Choose the 15 Sexiest Comedians

Ask women what quality they find most attractive in men, and odds are a great sense of humor will be at the top of that list. Which is why The Huffington Post has come out with a list of the 15 sexiest comedians readily rocking the mic. And since the competition is so stiff, they want you to help them decide who is the finest of them all by voting on their site. So who do you have to choose from? Well here's who they selected in no particular order:
Russell Brand
Jon Stewart
Dave Chappelle
Zach Galifianakis
Wyatt Cenac
Andy Samberg
Jimmy Fallon
Demetri Martin
D.L. Hughley
Aasif Mandvi
Stephen Colbert
John Oliver
Jimmy Kimmell
Aziz Ansari
Conan O'Brien
As of right now, the top three are John Stewart, Stephen Colbert and John Oliver-in that order. My highest vote of course went to Aasif Mandvi, but I am seriously distrurbed by a lack of Paul Rudd. Where for art thou Paul Rudd?!? I thought for sure he'd be a natural selection. Personally, if I had a list, it would look something like this:
John Leguizamo
Seth MacFarlane
Seth Green
Sasha Baron Cohen
Eddie Izzard
Ironically enough, none of those dudes made ranking. What about you? Do you think there's any sexy missing from THP's list? Who would your top choices be?


Suburbia Steph said...


Where's Joel McHale?

Mrs. M. said...

OMG where IS Joel McHale?!? He should def be on that list!

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