Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Love This Man SFM

No, not Bill Maher. I hate that douchebag. But Seth MacFarlane-that is a horse of a different color. He's hilarious, a motivated stoner, a gay rights activist (seriously), and a hot ass mothereffer. In other words, her's perrrrrfect!!! Give me a sandwich and an American Dad marathon and I am good to go.
Anyway Seth brought his hotness to the Bill Maher show to discuss-what else?-gay rights. Says MacFarlane, "That's an issue where ... it's okay for the people who have made that leap to kind of yank the rest of the nation forward. Because while you have people who are deliberating as they're watching Dr. Phil, and trying to figure out, "Gee, am I okay with this or not?" ... you've got couples who are just trying to get on with their fucking lives, and why is it they have to wait for these people?" Fellow comentator Reza Aslan also brought up a valid point stating that our children will most likely look back at our actions and ask "What the hell was wrong with those people?" for taking so long to debate whether or not citizens of this country should have equal rights. Preach it brotha man!
Anyway here's the clip which I highly recommend watching. Although be warned: watching Seth MacFarlane is a little unsettling because you're hearing the voice of Family Guy's Brian coming out of a grown humans mouth. That's always wierd to me.


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