Friday, May 1, 2009

Introducing Peaches' Latest Video "More"!

The hottest genderbending female singer ever, Peaches, is all set to drop her latest album "I Feel Cream" on May 4th. She has already released one song off the album "Talk to Me" as both a single and video, and now she has another video release to celebrate. "More" is the second single off her fourth cd and a brilliant choice if I might say so. I am probably the biggest Peaches fan ever, therefore I can say with sheer confidence that this is her best song to date. Even better than the legendary "I'm the Kinda", "Boys Wanna Be Her" and "AA XXX". And the confidence of this woman blows my mind every time. She walks into a room like she owns it. As if she's the hottest thing since spagetti. And you know what? She is. She thinks she's sexy therefore I think she's sexy. If only more women were as self assured we would be ruling the world. You know women are almost always our own worst enemies. Now if you will excuse me, my head is going to implode from awesome overdose.


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