Monday, May 4, 2009

John Mayer's New Girlfriend Blabs About Their Relationship

This is John Mayer's girlfriend, and she's just as annoying as he is. In this interview with Young Hollywood Lifestyle, Scheana Marie talks with a reporter about her relatioship with John Mayer, what she thinks of Jennifer Aniston, and what she and Mayer do in their downtime. Oh, and she uses like about 753 times. Seriously it's every other word. Someone needs to give her ass a thesaurus STAT.
I also love how she's talking to a reporter about how she doesn't talk to reporters. Perhaps if someone did toss a thesaurus or dictionary her way she would be able to find the irony in her actions. In the meantime this video is goo for a giggle, because it is just that damn stupid.

*sorry this video is having major technical difficulties. In the meantime, click HERE to check it out*


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