Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Katy Perry in Complex Magazine

I hate to say this, because Katy Perry pretty much serves as my kryptonite, but girl looks pretty ferocious in this spread for Complex. It's very dark, very Dom, and Very Dita. Although I will say the style kind of comflicts with that "Jesus" tattoo on her wrist, but whatever.

In this issue, Katy touches on everything from her religious upbringing, her on again/off again (currently on again) boyfriend Travis McCoy, and her very eclectic fashion sense. Here's an excerpt from the article. To see it in it's entirety, simply click here:
Complex: I gotta say, these photos are a bit of a switch-up from the clothes we’re used to seeing you in.
Katy Perry: It’s a bit of a darker side of me, a little S&M. Though I did have to hang from a cage, which could have easily gone wrong with the five-inch heels I was wearing.
Complex: Kind of a departure.
Katy Perry: Well, [One of the Boys] was a little young—I made it between [the ages of] 17 and 23. I’ll be 25 this year when I start making my [new] record, so naturally some of the subject matter will be a little more mature. Not like I’m trying to prove anything to anyone—I’ll always order Shirley Temples.
Complex: I feel lucky to actually see you dressed down right now.
Katy Perry: This is like an exclusive sneak peek. I stopped trying to be like Posh when flying in an airplane ’cause it’s so uncomfortable, and that’s pretty much where I get most of my sleep. Or on the bus. But I dress up every single night, full-blown drag-queen style. Hair, makeup, everything. There’ll be a costume, there’ll be some hot pants, there’ll be some legs, but right now I’m just kind of in my chill-time zone.


sandra said...

she does look a little like Dita. photos are great!

Keith said...

These photos are really awesome.

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