Saturday, May 9, 2009

Marc by Marc Jacobs for Singapore Fashion Week

So let's talk about Marc Jacob's collection for Singapore Fashion Week, shall we? It's fucking hideous. Disgusting. And to even think about how much he charges for these trashy, tacky ass pieces makes me sick to my stomach. I mean honestly, could he have chosen more unflattering fabrics, shapes and colors? (The answer is no, he could not have). Sure there are a couple of cute pieces, but for the most part the clothes are making the models look fat. And if a 55 lb ano 19 year old that hasn't eaten since she kicked that Gerber Baby food habit looks like an obese heifer in a design, what the hell are the rest of us going to look like? People will be startled by our appearance and try to throw us back in the damn ocean. And florals with oversized vests and rolled mom jeans?!? What the hell?!? I really think Marc Jacobs is on a mission to make the ugliest shit to ever be seen by the human eye just to see if sucker MC fashion snobs will eat it up like candy because of the label. And of course they do. Because they are morons. I say FAIL Marc Jacobs. Epic effing fail.


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