Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monica Bellucci Has Been Burgled!

The goddess Monica Bellucci and her hot as hell husband Vincent Cassel were burglarized by some skeezy thieves at Cannes! The crimed capers used the closing ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival to break into the couple's Paris apartment in Boulevard de Ménilmontant Sunday. The awful human beings wound up walking away with over $111,000 in jewelry and cash. Also nabbed was Ms. Bellucci's laptop and passport which I find ridonkulous because what mere mortal could ever pass as Monica Freaking Bellucci? None, that's who!
Investigators on the case said that ‘It was clearly a meticulously planned burglary. The thieves are believed to have struck just as the stars were appearing on television in Cannes on Sunday evening. They entered the fourth floor apartment via a balcony, smashing a window in the process. Then they pretty much cleared the flat out of anything which was valuable and could be removed easily. There have been plenty of cases of the homes of professional footballers being targeted while they are playing in high-profile matches, but this appears to be the first time that the same kind of thing has happened to actors."
Well, they can take all the jewelry, cash and valuables they want-they will never take away the couple's hotness. That shit is eternal and can never be stolen!


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