Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nas Just Says No to Kelis

Nas may be one of the weathiest rappers around, but rumor has it he's denying soon to be ex wife and mother of his child Kelis a dime in spousal support. Kelis, who filed for divorce April 30, is weeks from giving birth and unable to work, but no matter to Nas — he’s filed his response to the divorce, asking the judge to deny her the spousal support she’s seeking. He also wants her to pay her own lawyer’s fees. And to make matters worse, the couple is already going head to head in a bitter battle for custody. There have been several reasons cited for the couple's split-among them that Kelis stared in a sex tape P.N. (pre-Nas), while others say Nas was caught being unfaithful.
Personally I think it's fucked up to get mad at someone for something they did before they even met you. If she wan't cheating, then what's the problem? We all make mistakes. Besides, a harmless little child should not come into the world surrounded by so much bitterness. They deserve to be loved and protected from all the jaded adult bullshit. Turning a child into a pawn? You might as well line up an aces child psychiatrist, because they're going to need it.


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