Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Poor Finland. I don't know what they did to piss off the gods, but the poor country got stuck with Janice Dickinson as the head judge for Finland's Next Top Model. And if you thought she was bad on the U.S. version, just wait until you see this piece of work. It all started when Janice arrived at the model's house completely wasted off her ass. Almost immediately she begins reaming the girls a new asshole. One model hopeful in particular really found herself in a hole when Janice discovered her living space littered with clothes. After that all hell breaks loose and Janice starts calling her a pig and a slob and starts going off on her in that typical angry, bitter drunk sort of way. Honestly, just watching made me uncomfortable. Eventually after belittling the crap out of every single contestant there, she walks away and falls down the stairs. And of course, like any nasty drunk, once the girls go down to check on her, they are greeted with "Fuck you all" and accusations that they are responsible for her high ass falling down the stairs. I really love the part though when she screams "My leg isn't working!!!" while flailing them around. What a dumb bitch. After all is said and done, she blames it on one glass of champagne and "accidentally" taking sleeping pills instead of vitamin c. Ugh. Hot mess.
Now I don't speak a lick of Finnish, but I'm sure they were saying "What the hell is up with this crazy bitch? Seriously. I am scared. SOSMotherfuckers. This is not a drill." God knows that's what I'd be saying. Anyway part 1 is up top and part 2 in below. But be warned, this shit leaves you feeling awwwwwkward.


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