Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Old News

So Megan Fox is bisexual. I know, giant shocker. Yet Esquire is pimping the news as if it is brand new information when in fact, Trannysformer was chatting about her former relationship with a stripper months ago. Says the actress in the latest issue of Esquire, "I think people are born bisexual and they make subconscious choices based on the pressures of society. I have no question in my mind about being bisexual. But I'm also a hypocrite. I would never date a girl who was bisexual, because that means they also sleep with men, and men are so dirty that I’d never want to sleep with a girl who had slept with a man."
I have to say I agree with her on the everyone is born bisexual thing. Even the most loyal of gays and straights can't say that there is zero chance they could ever fall in love with someone from a gender they normally aren't privy to. I mean the world is so big that you can't rule out anything. Except of course for George "Tears" Clooney. I can say with absolute conviction that I would not touch his ass with a ten foot pole. Imay be a lot of things, but I am not douchesexual.


sandra said...

Talking to gay people, bisexual does not exist. Either you're gay or straight. This bisexual thing is trick to win more mail fans, ad gay support. More fans=more money. You might be attracted to same sex person but that doesn't mean you bi...I don't like her, she's pretending to be something she's not...

Mrs. M. said...

i agree sandra. just like Katy Perry she is playing the whole "I'm bi" card simply for the attention of straight males everywhere. imho there's nothing more obnoxious than a straight chick pretending to like the ladies just for male attention. it's desperate and indicates that they obviously think that's the only thing they have to offer.

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