Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pics from the Wave Gothic Festival

Ah the goths. I adore their Skinny Puppy listening, poetry scrawling, white foundation wearing, lace and leather loving asses. Of course I'm talking about the real goths-the ones I used to party with at Orpheus in Baltimore all dressed like it was their last night on Earth. None of this Hot Topic $200 tulle dress and Emily the Strange lunchbox bullshit. I'm talking up all night sewing artistry that the dedicated vamps go throgh to ensure their ensemble will be one to remember. My appreciation for their subculture is magnified by the amazing outfits at this year's Wave Gothic Festival in Germany. (Or as the Germans call it, Wave Gotik Treffen Festival) So wihout further ado, let's chek out some of the creative craftsmaship that went into these designs.



sandra said...

love the first pair! for this kind of clothes, you need to be brave and don't give a damn for what other people think of you. but everybody will commented your look because you're different...either way, go Goths!

Emily said...

LOL at $200 Hot Topic garbage and Emily the Strange. For some reason in high school (probably because I listened to NIN and Ministry and Skinny Puppy) people thought I needed Emily the Strange stuff. They also wondered why I wasn't a "goth" but I have so many high school friends who attend/attended Orpheus so that made me LOL as well.

But nobody can do goth-chic like those Germans.

Dream Analysis said...

beautiful !!!!!!!!

davidishmael said...

I wish there was a place to see real Goths like these every day. not just a fashion show, but a way of life. I need these people. :(

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