Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rihanna is Dumb

Celebrities are stupid. They really are. How else can you explain why they keep taking naked and extremely explicit photos of themselves which inevitably wind up in the hands of hackers and make their way around the web for gajillions to see? The other day pics of little known R&B singer Cassie totally nekkid spreading her legs in the air were "leaked" (I'm guessing the person that leaked them has a name that sounds like "Massie"...) and now pictures of a supposedly birthday suit baring Rihanna spreading her cheeks are being shuffled around town. And while I can see Cassie-I'm sorry-"Massie" leaking scandalous photos for publicity, I can't figure out why Rihanna would do such a thing. Which leaves me to only one conclusion: she's an idiot. That's right. If you are A-listy and carelessly leaving your nekkid pics around for people to steal, you are either a desperate attention whore or a total moron.


The Dark Bohemiian said...

i discovered how stupid she is when she just got back wit criss after he beats her !!

Mrs. M. said...

Yeah that definitely trumps a couple of naked pics any day of the week!

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