Friday, May 29, 2009

Rolling Stone Announces The 2009 Hot List

Rolling Stone magazine has just released The 2009 Hot List consisting of their choices for the best musical, television and film acts of this year. And thank God because if Rolling Stone didn't tell you who you should like, how else would you know? And don't even say "personal opinion" because we all know that doesn't count for shit. It's all about what the dumb hipsters over at RS who think they're edgy and cool like. Well, scratch that. They probably don't even like the things listed below but most of those bitches are mood and angsty and obviously have been studying the hell out of The Hispter Handbook. Overall I have to give this lame ass list an Epic Fucking Fail seeing as how it's chock full of bore wih a extra side of obvious.
Hot Diva: Lady Gaga
Hot Breakthrough: Phoenix
Hot Singer: Bat for Lashes
Hot Scene: San Diego
Hot Band: Silversun Pickups
Hot Model: Daisy Lowe
Hot Producer: Oren Yoel
Hot Spitfire: Alexa Chung
Hot Comedy: The Hangover
Hot Actor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Hot Wife: Leslie Mann
Hot Director: Duncan Jones
Hot Hick: Danny McBride
Hot Mid-30s Angst: Away We Go
Hot Rehab: Chris "Birdman" Anderson
Hot Sci-Fi Babe: Stephanie Jacobsen
Hot Jingle Writers: Joey Auch and Josh Peck
Hot Network TV Hope: Mindy Kaling
Hot Sidekick: Rupert Grint
Hot Cameo: Mike Tyson
Hot Comic: Aubrey Plaza


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