Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shocker: Chris Brown Sued for Assault and Battery

What's just the thing Chris Brown needs to recover from his broken image as a woman beater? Why, a brand new lawuit claiming assault and battery of course! The slowly sinking singer was served today with a suit filed by Robert Rosen who claims Chris' guards beat his ass at L.A. fitness gym last March.
According to
Radar, it all began when Rosen spied Chris and company playing basketball, and figured that was a good oppoortunity to take a few pics to sell to cherish forever. Chris' bodyguards did not take very kindly to this, and told Rosen to get to stepping. Instead of splitting, Rosen claims that an L.A. Fitness employee blocked him and started to grab at his clothes and body allegedly causing Rosen to fall down the strairs. He then claims Chris' gentle and peaceful bodyguards rushed over, “picked him up by his shorts and physically assaulted him, causing further injuries.”
Papers filed with the courts say that “[Rosen] was placed in great fear for his life, health, and safety,” the papers claim. As a result he is seeking general damages for injuries, paid medical expenses, incidental expenses, any loss of earnings, attorney’s fees, and other punitive damages.
Ok first of all let me just say that if someone was trying to take a picture of my sweaty ass pounding the pavement on the treadmill, I'd probably assault them with my bottle of Dasani. There should really be stricter privacy laws because it seems the paps are getting waaaay out of hand. (Maybe not so much in this instance, but for fuck's sake those souless motherfuckers put their cameras up Jessica Simpson's skirt and start snapping. How that isn't all shades of illegal I'll never know.) However, Chris Brown is such a little entitled punk that I can't help but side with Rosen. He's obviously the type who TCOB with violence. However I'd love to see his sweet baby ass take that same shit up with some bone crushing prison cellie. I bet he wouldn't think he's so big and bad anymore. In fact, I think that's what he needs. A serious reality check.


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