Friday, May 22, 2009


So there I am, minding my own beezwax, checking out pictures from the The CW Network UpFront party when suddenly I see the face of God in stillettos. Now I have an extreme stilletto addiction and fully believe that the higher the heel, the closer you are to heaven. Therefore I almost had a full on hard attack when I saw Leighton Meeter's extreme killer maryjanes. Now I usually wear a solid six inches, therefore I can say with conidence that these must be at least 7 inches. And the fetish inspiration mixed with the innocence of Mary Janes? Pure genius. Now if only someone could identify who makes them, my life will be complete.


Al said...

oh my god. i am in love. did you find out what label they are?

Mrs. M. said...

No and its driving me crazy! One person said their were Miu Miu but ive never seen them make their heels like that. And i don't remember them from any of their recent collections.

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