Thursday, May 7, 2009

Very Good

Wow. Color my ass impressed. Taylor Momsen (aka Little Jenny from Gossip Girl) played a gig with her band Pretty Recklace in NYC and guess what? Little Jenny's got mad game. Girl's a rock star! Normally I think actors getting into the music biz is just another way to feed their starving egos and serve as another way to get attention. However in the case of Momsen, homegirl could actually quit her day job. The music is catchy, fairly edgy, and her voice sounds great. Not to mention the fact that she's an extremely charasmatic frontgirl. And yes, I say girl because she isn't even old enough to drive yet. But you know, her ripe age makes me even more impressed. And worried. Because if she's rocking the circuit at 15, that means rehab should be on the horizon at 18. (That is, if history is any indicator) Hopefully she'll beat the odds but sadly, I doubt it.


en-vee said...

she can be my courtney love :)

on a personal note...

hows that tat lookin'?

Mrs. M. said...

ikr that is exactly what she reminded me of. Well, CLove during her Pretty on the Inside Days. Before the tragic plastic surgery
And the tat hurts like hell! It's like i had my appendix removed or something. but on the bright side i can make super iced lattes with my new espresso maker! you and i shall drink them on my new morroccan style front porch.

en-vee said...

deff! on a nice sunny summer day or in our case..whenever the sun decides to make it nice and warm out ;p

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