Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs in Nylon Magazine

If ever there was someone made specifically for Nylon magazine, it has to be Karen O and company. The Yeah Yeah Yeah members are all up in the June/July music issue of the hipster mag discussing everything from their personal lives to their awkward adolescence to their near falling out over creative visions. Says drummer Brian Chase, “There was lots of resistance during the songwriting process. It was a lot of ‘I wanna do this’ and ‘No, it should be like that.’ We’ve never been a band to actually yell or bicker, but it was more like storming out of the studio… I was just trying to keep it together. Like a peacemaker.”
Fortunately it seems the peace has been made. Their latest album "It's Blitz!" has steadily been climbing the charts and even landed them a sweet spot on SNL a few weeks ago. Not bad for a group of underdogs that have long been ignored.


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