Saturday, June 20, 2009

Amber Rose is Planting Seeds, I Am the Garden

Look at this woman. Just look at her. She's like a ferocious jungle cat stalking her prey on a hot June morning. I love everything about her. The style, the hair, the clothes, it's all working for her and hypnotizing me into believing she is the most glorious creature to ever walk the globe.
Kanye's sometime girlfriend talks to this month about the roots of her fabulousness, how she got famous, and a childhood she describes as rebellious. In the interview, Amber says she has always been ecclectic, prefering bright bold patterns to camoflauging muted tones. "I always chose the loudest things." she says. "I had so many colors of tights. I would wear bright yellow tights with a green dress and purple shoes with a blue headband. I was fucking nuts but my mom always wanted me to be happy and choose freely." L'Amber also says unlike most of her peers, although she enjoyed hip hop, she was really a die hard rocker chick. "Growing up in Philly I was and have always been really different from everyone else...I was really a wierdo. I had Guns n Roses posters in my room, Pantera, Nirvana and of course Metallica!"

I know it is majorly cheesy to say, but she is a total muse.

I'm sorry, but this is obligatory when speaking of Amber Rose:


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