Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beth Ditto Unveils New Clothing Collection

Beth Ditto is known for her eclectic rock fashion sense, and now The Gossip singer has joined forces with UK clothing brand Evans to create a plus size only collections for punk pricesses and metal mommas that want to emulate her style. The collection, which drops July 9th, boasts bright colors and bold patterns for the girl that wants to stand out in a crowd. And unlike many celeb/clothing brand partnerships, the pieces all reflect Ms. Ditto's personal style and are all similar to items she has worn in the past. (My person favorites being the purple sequined blouse and the purple print hoodie dress.) So what do you think of the line? Would you buy any of these designs?


Emily said...

I really like that although these are designed for "plus-size" only, some of the designs I could wear as well. Like that purple sequin dress OMG it's so cute!! I'd totally buy that.

Made In The J.L.A. said...

I like the looks, they remind me of torrid clothing alittle. I think it's awesome that her line is for bigger girls, It's hard for BBW to find stylish clothing that caters to a younger generation! But I think Beth's style is so fierce eveyone of all sizes would ware the line!

Madam Miaow said...

Maybe the middle row, right-hand pic. I really don't like the bottom two.

But whadoino? I'm enlisting you to bash up my wardrobe if you ever get over to London, Mrs M.

Beatriz said...

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plus size clothing australia said...

That's great news! It would be great to check out gorgeous plus size clothes from you. Those models look so beautiful too.

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