Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cameron Diaz in July's Marie Claire

When I think summer, I think sun, sand and surf. And when I think sun, sand and surf, I always think Cameron Diaz. The blonde beach babe fittingly covers the patriotic looking July issue of Marie Claire, looking as fresh beautiful as ever. I don't mornally wish they all could be California girls, but Cammie is making me rethink that position.
However while I have nothing but love for Cammie D., I am very reluctant about her new movie "My Sister's Keeper". From what I've seen so far, the movie seems to deviate greatly from the book (which was excellent btw). You guys will have to let me know if you see it, because I'm dying to find out if the flick is a hit or miss.


sandra said...

wow, she looks really good!

Keith said...

I love that cover. She's very beautiful.

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