Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Damn Girl, Don't Hurt Em

Ok so I don't normally post paparazzi pictures because I find it to be kind of invasive and creepy. However, the minute I saw these snaps of Hillary Duff in a bikini on the beaches of Hawaii, I just knew I had to share. Not because I'm creepy or invasive, but because I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how many people on the boards were calling her "fat" and "square". The audacity! H.Duff has a killer bod and imho is in no way "fat". She works out all the time and clearly has a lot of muscle tone going on in those buff shoulders and stems of hers. Just because she isn't a barely breathing clothes hanger doesn't mean she's large and in charge. Besides, if I were a dude I'd want to feel flesh on flesh-not flesh on protruding collar bone. The Duff looks buff, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fucking moron.


Daners Isadora- Bond Girl said...

If HilDuf is fat, I must be a beluga whale.

People frighten and confuse me

Emily said...

She was kind of a chunkster when she was on that Lizzie McGuire show, but remember how skinny she got afterwards? Holy shit. She looks fine now.

AlanaMarie said...

She looks great, she is very sexy and should be a role model for young girls. unfortunatly people look up to bodies like Lohan and Kate Moss.

Mrs. M. said...

i agree-she has gone from being a cute kid to a gorgeous woman and transitioned from child star to an adult actress flawlessly and without even one DUI or crotch shot. She is a great role model for girls.

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