Saturday, June 6, 2009

David Carradine Didn't Commit Suicide

Despite earlier reports that marital arts master David Carradine committed suicide, proof is now flooding in that the rope thought to be used to hang himself was actually just a S&M prop that went horribly wrong. Thai police officer Lieutenant Worapong Siewpreecha told reporters that "There was a rope tied around his neck and another rope tied to his genitals, and the two ropes were tied together and they hung in the closet. Under these circumstances we cannot be sure that he committed suicide."
Other news sources have dug up divorce papers between Carradine and his ex-wife, Marina Anderson, which state that the actor liked to engage in sexual behavior that Anderson found disturbing. According to the documents, the dissolution of their marriage was partly as a result of "the continuation of abhorant [sic] and deviant sexual behavior which was potentially deadly."
In the meantime, Carradine's family is seeking an FBI investigation on the matter, asking Thai police to assist them in solving the mystery behind his death.
This will definitely be the last time I report on this because I sort of find it in poor taste to drudge up the man's past, focusing on his sexual preferences rather than his body of work. I firmly believe that it's not how he died that matters, but how he lived his life. Carradine was a dedicated, accomplished man who tackled a lot of amazing feats. He should be remembered for all the joy he brought to the world in his 72 years-not the few minutes of sorrow that cut his life short. I, for one, think no less of him, and will continue to admire the devotion and uniqueness of spirit he brought to his craft.



He was a fabulous actor. He rocked in Kill Bill. He will be missed!!!

Keith said...

I'm a big fan of his no matter what. It's sad that his death will be sensationalized. He's a fantastic actor. He made so many films that I enjoy.

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