Thursday, June 4, 2009

David Carradine Found Dead in Hotel Room!

This news is almost too sad to report. David Carradine, a martial arts master who starred in over 220 shows and movies including Kill Bill, Kung Fu and Crank 2 was found dead in his Bangkok Thailand hotel Thursday. He was discovered by a hotel maid sitting in a wardrobe with a rope around his neck. His personal manager, Chuck Binder, told People magazine that the actor's death was "shocking and sad. He was full of life, always wanting to work ... a great person." Carradine with in Thailand filming his latest movie "Stretch". He also currently has 7 films in post production including "Detention", "Six Days in Paradise" and "Night of the Templar". He is survived by his wife, Annie Bierman, and four children.
Mr. Carradine was a master of his craft and will truely, truely be missed. RIP David Carradine! As a major martial arts movie fan I thank you for all the hours of enjoyment you have given me. Your body may be gone but your legacy will live on forever.



Anonymous said...

SO sad...Bill killed Bill.

Keith said...

I was so sad and shocked when I heard this news. I'm a big fan of his. R.I.P.

Mrs. M. said...

I am totally floored by the news. I figured since he was such a big practitioner of tai chi he was very centered and zen. So sad.

aser said...

Carradine is the family curse?!
I think that watching this movie, you will be able to understand why it happened.
See the last interview:Carradine-film

grasshopper said...

i was surprised to find out how many more movies Carradine was in besides Kill Bill

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