Monday, June 29, 2009

Emma Watson in August's Elle UK

OK so the other day I was just kidding when I said it was hard to find a magazine Emma Watson wasn't gracing. Today however, I am no longer kidding. I am completely serious. Emmania has swept the country-nay, the world-and the Harry Potter star is slowly taking over every fabric of media publication currently in existence. Today Slacker Chic (which is apparently becoming "Emma Watson Hourly") brings you Emma in the latest edition of August's Elle UK. Seeing as how I've already used every positive adjective in the English language to describe her gorgeousness and style, I have run out of things to say about the young Brit. So I'll just ask you how long you think it will take before we just go ahead and rename the country The United States of Emm-erica? I'm going to go ahead and guess approximately July 15th, which is the date that the new Harry Potter flick "Half Blood Prince" releases. Don't you giggle or even make fun. Come July 16th you'll see just how right I am. God bless Emm-erica.

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Keith said...

She has definitely grown up to be quite stylish and beautiful. I love the photos. She can be in all the mags she wants as far as I'm concerned.

Yun said...

She's so beautiful and pretty as well as gorgeous and mature, I won't even go into how stylish she is. She makes me want to cry 'cause she's so pretty....not to mention I'm insanely who isn't? Goodluck to her :)

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