Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Emma Watson in The Times Magazine

Another day, another Emma Watson editorial. Today Slacker Chic Emma Watson Hourly is bringing you the Harry Potter star in the June 27th issue of The Times Magazine. In the interview, Emma says that she has loved playing Hermione, but now longs for a sense of normalcy in an industry that is anything but. She states that she is excited to attend college in the fall and hopes to make the transition flawlessly "like Jodie Foster when she went to Yale." However, I think that the young Emma is forgetting that a lot has changed since Jodie was in college. Back then the paparazzi wasn't nearly as invasive or cumbersome. They weren't hunting down young stars and following them around as they performed mundane daily activities. For God's sake nowadays they're hiding in bushes and trespassing all in the hopes that they *might* get something salacious on film. Or at least catch the occasional pervy upskirt by positioning their cameras up young starlets dresses. I think Emma going to college is a great idea and makes her a terrific role model for the young girls who adore her. However, I hate to say that I doubt she'll be able to lead the normal life that she longs for.
Anyway, enough with the negativity. Here's some of the soon to be president of Emm-erica, Emma Watson looking fab as always in The Times.


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