Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Fab and Fug of the CFDA Fashion Awards

Whoot, whoot dollfaces! It is time for a CFDA Fashion Awards post chock filled with fabulous fashion, hot effing messes, and a bunch of "Oh hell! What was that bitch thinking?!?" So without further ado, let's get straight down to business seperating the fab from the fug and the drunk dressing from the careful planning.

Best Dressed: Tie! Vera Wang and Diane Kruger
Vera Wang-
Ok I know many of you are asking what the hell I am thinking naming Vera one of the best dressed but here's the deal: The woman has her own thing going on. Not only are her color contrasts and fabric choices incredible, but no one else is wearing anything even remotely similar; and that's saying something.
Diane Kruger
Worst Dressed: Doutzen Kroes
Dress I love but I don't know why: Lake Bell
Best Use of Color: Blake Lively
Honey This is Not Your Prom: Tallulah Willis
Someone Please Feed These Children Before They Pass Out from Starvation: Alexander Wang and the Bones of Some Model
Biggest Bitchface: Claire Danes
The Rest


Carsi said...

Jack White and Anna Sui holding hands is oddly cute looking

Emily said...

Hmm for once Blake Lively doesn't look like complete trash! Andddd Biggest Bitchface could have also gone to Rachel Zoe. But I totally agree with you on Vera Wang, she looks quirky and amazing =)

Keith said...

Great pictures. Not sure which I like the best.

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