Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farrah Fawcett Has Passed Away from Cancer

After braving a long battle with cancer, Farrah Fawcett has passed away at the age of 62. Farrah was pronounced dead at 9:28 a.m. PST this morning at St. John's Heath Center in Santa Monica, California. She was accompanied by longtime love Ryan O'Neal as well as close friends Alana Stewart and Mela Murphy. Ryan and Farrah had plans to finally make their union legal, but sadly the Charlie's Angels star passed before they could wed. Ryan tells People magazine "She's gone. She now belongs to the ages. She's now with her mother and sister and her God. I loved her with all my heart. I will miss her so very, very much. She was in and out of consciousness. I talked to her all through the night. I told her how very much I loved her. She's in a better place now." Although the couple's son Redmond was not present at the time of death, Ryan says that he spoke with Farrah on the phone shortly before her passing telling her "how much he loved her and asked her to please forgive him that he was so very, very sorry."
Farrah was at St. John's for treatment of complications from anal cancer, first diagnosed three years ago. In the past few months the actress had been taking a turn for the worse. It has been said that most of her time was spent in and out of consciousness so although her passing is undoubtedly sad, hopefully she has found peace and is no longer suffering. RIP Farrah!


Keith said...

I was so sad to hear of her passing. R.I.P.

Anonymous said...

Who in the world typed this article!? There's so many mistakes that I had to go back 3 times to reread it. I cannot believe this person has a job. Give Ms.Fawcett some respect and correct the mistakes!

Mrs. M. said...

Well perhaps you need to enhance your reading skills because obviously they are lacking. And to which "mistakes" are you refering to? Really, I'd like to know. Enlighten us all with your wealth of knowledge.
Oh and by the way, you are grammatically incorrect. "There's" is singular. You should be using "are" because "mistakes" is plural. I should know. I'm a communications college graduate.

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