Monday, June 8, 2009

Fierce or No Fierce: Katy Perry in Polka Dots

Ok, so here's the thing-I know that red and white polka dots are not for everyone. However, I am going to have to call this ensemble fierce and here's why: thanks to the downturn of the economy, celebs are trying so hard to relate to us po' folk that they have resorted to wearing sad ass drab colors in boring shapes while blah blahing about the economic crisis like it somehow effects them. As if they have to be concerned about getting a pink slip or worry about where the rent money is coming from. I am sorry but hearing Gwyneth Paltrow give me financial advice in her $1,000 Balmain suit sort of makes me want to slap a bitch. You're not fooling me Gwennie Gwen Gwen! You and I are not in the same tax bracket so stop trying to pretend you're all humble and meek and impovrished. This trend of playing poor is running rampant on the red carpet, on the NY runways and all over my fashion mags. A celebrity that makes millions a year wearing gray to relate to the common folk is not doing anything but making them look like morons.
But back to business. This two piece look is fun, funky and totally summertime. I really appreciate the fun Katy Perry is having with this outfit and with fashion in general. She's not trying to fake me out like she's all concerned about saving her nickels. She's serving it up on the red carpet trying to keep shit funky and put a smile on my face. Unless your name is Mary Kate Olsen, you should not be dressing like you are homeless unless you are actually homeless. But I digress. This is what slebs should be wearing. After all, we turn to Hollyhood to cheer our asses up from the regular crap that goes on in our everyday lives. I don't need my slebs making me sadder. So spank you very much Katy Perry for your bright, fun outfit. If I had a hat, it would be off.
Update: Guess who the creators of this fabulous frock are? None other than our favoritest label ever, Mandate of Heaven. Check out more from Mandate
and peep our interview with them HERE!


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