Thursday, June 4, 2009

Forbes Names the Most Powerful People in Hollywood

Forbes magazine has just unleashed The Celebrity 100, their annual list consisting of the world's most powerful celebs. And for the first time since the dawn of man, the god to millions known as Oprah has been dethroned from the number one position by someone more beautiful, more powerful and more holy than a thousand angel driven chariots. I'm talking of course about orphan bookend collector and savior of the entire human race, Angelina Jolie. Look alive, O! You're going to have to do more than open up a few hospitals and schools to surpass Jolie. Might I suggest adopting the Netherlands? That would certainly be a good start.
Despite the fact that I'm sort of grossed out by the fact that Angelina has basically been named the most powerful woman in the world, I am pleased to announce that four out of the top five most powerful are women. Madonna and Beyonce nab the 3rd and 4th position, followed by Tiger Woods, Bruce Springsteen and Steven Spielberg.
A major wildcard is Jennifer Aniston who ranked one position higher than Brad Pitt at number 8. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Jenny A., but in what world is she the 8th most powerful celeb in the world? For God's sake she ranked higher than George Lucas and Steven Spielberg! What kind of fuckery is that?
Anyway, below are the top 25 as selected by Forbes. To see the complete list, simply
click here
Let's Get Listy:
1.) Angelina Jolie
2.) Oprah Winfrey
3.) Madonna
4.) Beyoncé Knowles
5.) Tiger Woods
6.) Bruce Springsteen
7.) Steven Spielberg
8.) Jennifer Aniston
9.) Brad Pitt
10.) Kobe Bryant
11.) Will Smith

12.) Dr. Phil McGraw

13.) Britney Spears
14.) David Letterman

15.) Coldplay
16.) Adam Sandler
17.) Harrison Ford
18.) Michael Jordan
19.) LeBron James
20.) Tom Cruise

21.) Bon Jovi

22.) Donald Trump
23.) Rush Limbaugh
24.) George Lucas

25.) Simon Cowell


Keith said...

These lists never make sense to me. There are certain people who make it higher than others that you would expect to be much higher.

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