Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Ghost of Frank the Bunny for Louis Vuitton

Donnie Darko's Frank the Bunny has clearly been spending his nights watching America's Next Top Model reruns on Oxygen because homegirl is working it Benny Ninja style in the latest ads for Louis Vuitton's Fall/Winter campaign. Way to smile with those eyes, Frank!
Seriously though, what is left to even say about this goddamn debacle that hasn't been said before? Obviously the creative team at LV was so concerned about making Madonna not look 50 that they didn't realize the OD on the soften tool has made the clothing and accessories nearly unrecognizable. I mean, isn't the whole point of an ad to show off the clothing? If so mission failed because everything looks like a fucking 3d movie that I don't have the glasses to. Fail, Louis Vuitton. Epic effing fail.


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