Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm Over It.

Please, please, please someone tell me you are also over the hype of Bruno. I'm so over I'm under, beside it and back over it again. For God's sake the movie hasn't even been released yet and already I'm asking if it's out of theatres. Don't get me wrong-I heart the shit out of Sacha Baron Cohen. I was a faithful follower of Da Ali G Show, and I adored the Bruno character when he made a special guest appearance. HOWEVER, I swear if I see that damn leopard leotard one more time, I'm going to pick up a car and throw it down the street. Not my own car of course. That would be foolish. But definitely someone else's.
Anyway here's Bruno in that damn leotard with Alessandra Ambrosio Salad in the July issue of Marie Claire UK. Over it!!!


sandra said...

there's too much of Bruno! He pop's up everywhere!

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