Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is Anyone Else Watching This?

Honest to God, almost every single person I know is head over heels for So You Think You Can Dance. However, thanks in part to their marketing scheme of catering the show to 12 year olds whose vocal chords rival that of Mariah Carey, no one wants to admit that they love this show unless you admit it first. Then (oh yes-THEN) the floodgates open and before you know it you two are analyzing every single motion of every single contestant like you're a prosecuting attorney on Law & Order. So I'll be the first one to go ahead and just put it out there that I am in love with this show and if you'd like to go ahead and give the whole "Hello My Name is _ and I am a SYTYCDaholic", by all means, go for it. No one here will judge you. About that at least.
So last night was the first show after choosing the top 20 and already I can tell we're in for one hell of a season. Almost everyone was on their game except for Tony who let his partner Paris down with his awful hip hop routine. I am sorry (no I'm not) but he is just not even on the same level as his fellow contestants. And I don't even want to hear "Oh well he hasn't had any formal training" B.S. because neither has Phillip and he's clearly one of my early faves. However, while his performace (video below) was certainly smashing, the orgasmic moment of the night goes to Ashley and Kupono who did the most fantastic Wade Robson routine. I was completley smitten, amazed and intrigued. They WERE their characters and their movements were fluid, incredible and perfect. (You can peep their routine in the video up top) But what did you guys think? Are you even watching this show? Am I the only one? Echo...?


Keith said...

I hate to admit that I had never even heard of this until I saw your post.

ChicChickory said...

My mom is IN LOVE with this show at the young age of 62. I was going to watch it this season, but totally missed the beginning...Now, my mom is pisssed at me because she has no one to talk the show with. Could you call her and have hour long discussions about every single moment of the each episode, please? I and my mother would greatly appreciate it. :)

Mrs. M. said...

lol ChicChickory i totally understand where your mom is coming from! I feel super old watching it though. it was hot as hell here the other night and i had my windows open and there were lots of people outside and i had to turn the volume down because the teenage kids on the show would not stop screaming and i was embarrased. They're probably thinking why is that grown ass woman watching nickelodean?

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