Wednesday, June 24, 2009

JLo's Clothing Line Halting Production

And another celebrity clothing line bites the dust! Ok, so not officially, but sources over at NY magazine are reporting that Jennifer Lopez has "temporarily" halted production of her Sweetface clothing line. The serial monogamist launched her first line, JLO, back in 2001 and although it was at first a marginal success, the initiall newness wore off after only a few seasons resulting in the demise of the U.S. distribution. Thinking second time might be the charm, she unveiled JustSweet, which met it's maker after only a few seasons on the racks. However just like her failed marriages JLo figured it was better to get back on the horse immediately, launching Sweetface, a more urban spinoff to the JLO line in 2003. Despite it's moderate success (raking in a cool $200 million in 2006), demand for the brand has fizzled (just as interrest in her personal and professional life has) Lopez plans to relaunch Sweetface "in the near future with new messaging points and an entirely new fashion point of view."
Jeebers, that chick just does not get it. We're just not that into you, JHo. If we were, we would buy your shit. No queremos, JLo. No effing queremos.


Carsi said...

I thought that Sweetface basically fell apart when Tommy Hilfiger's brother left the creative end. JLo needs to realize her time in the sun has passed and now it's all about the (tacky)house of dereon

Mrs. M. said...

i am so ashamed to admit i own a HOD bag! luckily the hardware is the only thing that boasts the logo. its embarrasing but it really is a cute bag.

Keith said...

She is so over.

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