Monday, June 1, 2009

Julianne Moore in July's British Vogue

I don't like to go throwing words such as "perfect" and "flawless" around with recklace abandon like some people, but when it comes to the raven haired goddess that is Julianne Moore, I will happily make an exception. Everytime I see this fierce ass female I throw my hands up in the air like a holy roller on Sunday and declare unto the heavens "You betta wurk, bitch!!!!" She's edgy and brazen, balsy and beautiful, and the woman is more gorgeous today (at 48!) than she ever was in her 20's. Not to say she did not look good then, but like a fine wine she only gets better with age. I also love the manner in which she uses her sex appeal. She always appears unbelievably in control. Sure she may not look like as much of a maneater as she did in
May's Vogue Paris, but even a blind man could sense this seductress from a mile away. Julianne Moore, I salute you.


Keith said...

Great photos. She's so stunning. I'm a big fan of hers.

jordyn hebert said...

i like to consider my self quite the slacker, and my friends constantly raid my closet. but in a world full of lame clothing im a little lost. do you thik you could write some sort of slackerchic handbook?

Mrs. M. said...

*blush* i wish jordyn! I fear no one would read it though.

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