Saturday, June 27, 2009

Keira Knightley for Chanel

I'm not the biggest Keira Knightley fan in the world but I will say, she seems like a really cool chick. You know, the type of girlfriend that would tell you yes, those pants make your ass look fat, no he's not good enough for you and yes you can borrow her favorite boots and anything else in her closet because that's just what friends do. She seems like a sassy, tell it like it is kind of gal who may be dressed in couture but would still challenge you to a beer chugging contest. Which is precisely why I think Chanel was so darn brilliant to hire her as their spokeswoman. The brand can have a tendency to seem stuffy, pretensious and a hint senior citizen at times, (Thanks largely in part to their all encompassing love of tweed) but Keira spices it up, adding a dash of relatability and a ton of likeability. Sporting black on white and a layered pearl necklace she appears very Chanel in her latest as for the brand's "Coco Mademoiselle" fragrance, but without the invisible air of "I'm better than you" hovering over her head. I say bravo Keira! You're almost making me forget that there's a prejudice old man with white hair and a sharp tongue at the other end of this label. Job well done.


Keith said...

I think this is a really beautiful ad.

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