Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kim Kardashian in S/S's Ocean Fashion Magazine

What I am about to say rocks me to my very core causing me to question the basis of my existence. Are you read? Here goes: Kim Kardashian actually looks pretty damn ferocious in this editorial for the Spring/Summer Ocean Fashion Magazine. That's right. That just happened. I just complimented a Kardashian that was not Khloezilla. Don't get used to it. This niceness is clearly a one time only offer and will expire as soon as I'm finished posting. Now if you excuse me I must go wash this gross kindness off. It feels unatural on my skin.



Sandra said...

hot photos!

Chelsea Bryan Knights said...

These photos are fabulous! And I love the photo in your banner. The pop cans in her hair are completely inspiring to me, as an artist/fashionista.

-Chelsea Knights

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