Thursday, June 18, 2009

Marion Cotillard in July's GQ

Thanks to the upcoming release of her latest flick, "Public Enemies", the world has been seeing a lot more of the gorgeous, the talented, the incomparable Marion Cotillard. The fabulous French beauty is all up in the July issue of U.S. GQ, in a beautiful shoot by Ben Hassett.
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To get in the spirit of her Public Enemies character, Marion spent time at a a Menominee reservation in Wisconsin, to research her role as John Dillinger’s girl Billie Frechette, who was part Menominee, part French, and 100 percent aware of the company she kept. “She knew exactly what she was involved in,” Cotillard says of Frechette, who was married to a convicted robber when she took up with gentleman gangster Dillinger, “but what can you do against love?”
If anyone can pull off the complexities of a woman in love, it is definitely Cotillard. She has this amazing way of reaching the darkest parts of herself and connecting with the character on a spiritual level. She's a true actress in every sense of the word and brings the kind of class and dedication that is seriously lacking in today's thespians. Love this woman.


Rae said...

she looks just lovely! I love her! She is an amazing actress! check out my blog at and tell me what you think!

Keith said...

She is so beautiful and talented.

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