Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Marion Cotillard in June/July's Blackbook Magazine

The amazing, the incredible, the talented Marion Cotillard has been making the Hollywood rounds lately, readying herself for her great big American breakthrough in the upcoming Johnny Depp/Christian Bale flick "Public Enemies" as well as "Nine". The actress talks life, fame and even Johnny with the mag, saying that she respects her costar for his ability to balance the fame and fortune with normalcy and family. "I think that when you are an actor," says Marion "and you tell stories about people, especially when you are that big, you have to find a way to stay normal. And he is. I think you just have to find a way to stay close to reality. You find, inside yourself, the way to stay close to who you are."
But that's not to say the actress is all work and no networking. In fact, she counts some of Hollyhood's most beloved actresses as her friends. When asked who she has become chummy with since spending more time in the states, Marion answers saying "Well, I love Penélope Cruz; she’s an amazing person. And Kate Hudson, too—so down-to-earth, so easy, so simple. We’re actresses, which means it’s not always that way.
But like any level headed person, Marion is grateful for her fame and hopes the juicy roles won't stop coming anytime soon. Says the thespian, "Each time a director calls and wants to see me. It’s a great joy and it’s always a surprise, because my dream is still going—it doesn’t stop."


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know the movie is called Public Enemies..not Nine.

Keith said...

She is so beautiful and talented. I love that cover. I can't wait to see her in both of those movies.

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