Friday, June 5, 2009

Marion Cotillard in June's Elle France

Have I told you lately that I love Marion Cotillard? I'm pretty sure that I have, but honestly it's one of those things that deserve to be said frequently and with much gusto. Everything about her is simply magnificent and I positively adore her to pieces. She could come to my house, punch me in the face, steal my mailbox and run over my garden hose and still I'd be all "Oh that Marion! Such a charmer!"
Here's more of the enchanting Ms. C in the June issue of Elle France. I really hope her role in the upcoming Daniel Day Lewis flick "Nine" will catapult her into the superstardom she deserves here in the US. Then again, boughts of fame in the states normally leads to the loss of sanity, underwear, and dignity. So then again, perhaps this gem is better off being an internationally acclaimed actress than the next hottest thing in Hollywood.


Scandalous Housewife said...

She is hard to take your eyes off. Dahhh-yumm

Lindsay Will Come At You Like A Spider Monkey said...

I love that woman

Keith said...

She is so beautiful.

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