Friday, June 12, 2009

Milla Jovovich and Chris Noth Do Harper's Bazaar

Ok so here's the deal: I love Milla Jovovich. I really do. I think she's smart and pretty and one of the only models who have ever made a successful go at acting. That being said, is it just me or is she looking a tad Linda Evangelista in this July spread for Harper's Bazaar? And I'm not talking 1993 Linda-I'm talking present day with her eyebrows on the back of her head and skin so tight you could bounce an entire pennyroll off it. Why oh why would someone as gorgeous and young as Milla even begin to alter her face? She should have taken a cue from the Monica Bellucci Handbook to Fabulousness and just said no to the knife! Doesn't she know that once you go and change your face you never look the same? That face is what has made you rich and famous-love it, appreciate it, and for God's sake, don't go changing it.
All face fuckery aside, I really do like this editorial of Milla and Chris Noth. Rarely do we see a corporate mom and stay at home dad depicted, so I think the concept is cute and very necessary. I know he's really supposed to be the secondary character in this bit, but Noth's facial experssion in these shots are priceless. See Milla? Being able to move your face and show emotion is a good thing. It's what makes us human.


ChicChickory said...

Wow, she is channeling some Linda in this photo shoot.....but tell me, does Milla age? I swear she never looks any older as the years have gone by. She is beautiful.

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