Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Hampshire Has Gotten on Board with the Gay Lovin'

After hearing the sad, sad news about David Carradine I thought nothing could cheer me up. But learning that New Hampshire has just become the 6th state to officially welcome the gays into the world of unholy matrimony is certainly a start. The Govenator of the Granite state signed a bill yesterday allowing equal citizens their civil rights. How thoughtful! Don't get me wrong-I am thrilled that more and more states are living up to that "All Men are Created Equal" jazz, but isn't telling the gays that they can marry sort of like you coming into my house, stealing my sofa, keeping it for about 2 hundred years and then telling me that you are going to be nice enough to give it back to me? In other words, isn't that kind of some bullshit?
Regardless of how long it is taken, I am very excited to see this finally happen. Now come on remaining 44 states. What are you waiting for? I feel a change a comin' on!


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